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Megatech Sourcing enables Entrepreneurs to subscribe to the Virtual tech Employees in a few clicks and save time, and money, and eliminate the HR process, extra paperwork, and uncertainty that comes from freelancers.

Who we are?

Monthly Talent subscription & MVP

Delivering tech talent and tech solutions on a monthly subscription basis Megatech Sourcing provides the smartest way of employing talent. Entrepreneurs can employ talent within budget, with less paperwork and no HR. Your new employee will know exactly what to do based on your action calendar feeds, and you will save time and money. Here, the goal is to help entrepreneurs & innovators with affordable MVP building solutions and strengthen their organizations by providing dedicated virtual tech teams for their various IT-related needs on a monthly subscription.

Tech Talent on Subscription
MVP Development
How we do it?

MVP development & Hiring Solutions for startups & SMEs

Our talent is available on monthly basis and includes CTOs, Project managers, Sales representatives, Junior Sales Executives, Business development reps, Marketing Managers, community managers, social media managers, Scouters, Partnership managers, Junior Developers, programmists, IT specialists, Full-stack developers, Artists, Follow-up specialists, Virtual assistants & More We also provide an inexpensive way of getting your MVP done

Our Services

For startups and small-sized companies

Tech talent subscription

Pay monthly

No freelancers

Cancel anytime

Team Change available

Part-time / full-time

Project wise

Minimum viable product (MVP)

Flexible contracts

Project Management

Flexible payments

Multiple revisions

Timely delivery

Weekly Reporting


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Working Process

We’ve Experience Team Member
to Provide Solutions

Eddie E. Moseley

CEO & Founder

John J. Schreffler

Apps Designer

Venessa M. Meister

Web Developer

Joel R. Funkhouser

Senior Manager

Clients Feedback

What do our clients say?

William Glenn

CEO & Director


One of the best company i come up with recently. I never thought i could ease my work so simply. They just let you subscribe a perfect fit resource in very affordable prices.

John R. Gordon

CTO & Founder


Hiring the tech people for small projects was always a problem in the industry. I am so glad i come up with this company and they delivered me the best.

Josesr B. Rink

CFO & Co-Founder


How easy it is to manage the finances of company on the only people you really need and not just having them and paying them without any project. This is just a ray of light for upcoming unicorns.

Clients Feedback

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